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Optimism in the face of countless obstacles

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Dear MSAF, Alyce, Barbara, and Christine,

This story was written by Mayhane, a student in the Youth Apprentice Program at ADCAM in Manaus, Brazil, in response to receiving a scholarship from the Mona Foundation. All program members are marginalized youth who come from super low income families or live in the slums. No one wants to vouch for them to give them a job, except ADCAM. ADCAM provides these youth with a training program that will eventually land them in an internship with businesses and in partnership with the government. As they take the course and become inspired to see what it takes to hold down a job, many get inspired to go to college. The results are truly astounding.

“I’m grateful to all those who are making a difference in my life. One of my dreams is to complete the business administration course. I know obstacles will arise but I feel I can resolve any problems that come my way and overcome them. The course will allow me to grow professionally, obtain dignified work and be someone who works to see a better world. When we want to accomplish something we have to exert effort to reach our goal. The scholarship is a treasured opportunity and those who demonstrate confidence in us by supporting our goals will not have done so in vain. We will persevere and the course will help us to follow the road to even greater opportunities.”

Thank you MSAF, Alyce, Barbara and Christine for giving Mayhane the opportunity to persevere and obtain the dignified work she deserves!

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